Welcome to the DOC First-Year Trips Blog! This blog is a space for you to learn about the Trips program. Here, you’ll find everything from the stories and experiences of current students to the logistics of packing your bag.

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The DOC Trips Directorate

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For Volunteers: Where current students can find information pertaining to volunteering for the program.

Directorate Updates: Newly posted information from the Trips Directorate goes here!

Preparing for Trips: Where you’ll find all your logistical information, e.g. what to pack, arrival dates and times, etc.

Sustainability: Updates from current and past Sustainability Coordinators regarding our program’s ongoing mission to be even greener!

Voices of Trips: Stories from individual Dartmouth students about their experiences before, during, and/or after the Trips program.

Volunteer Profiles: Short-answers from current and past Trips volunteers, to help you get a feel for the many wonderful people who volunteer for our program (previously Trip Leader Profiles).

Welcome Notes: Messages of welcome and love from various Outreach Coordinators and Trips Directorate folk of yore.