Introducing “Voices of Trips”

Before going on my own DOC First-Year Trip (waaayyyyyyy back in 2009), I actually had a decent amount of outdoors experience.  The idea of not showering for a few days and going hiking in the woods didn’t really bother me..  Instead, I was so so nervous about meeting all new people and about feeling totally overwhelmed with college.

But everyone has different comfort levels with the idea of spending your first five days at Dartmouth out in the woods with random people you don’t yet know.  And for those students who decide to go on a DOC Trip, everyone has a different experience: some people become best friend with the other students on their trips, some people realize they enjoy the outdoors, while others realize nothing and just have a fun time meeting their fellow classmates.  There’s no right or wrong way to “do” DOC Trips!

Therefore, we want you to know that – whatever your fear/concern/source of anxiety about Dartmouth and/or DOC First-Year Trips – you are not alone!  I’m happy to introduce our new “Voices of Trips” series, which will feature current Dartmouth students sharing some thoughts on their own experience with the decision to go on a DOC First-Year Trip and what their experience was with the program.

While we have tried to provide a wide variety of stories and perspective in the “Voices of Trips” series, please know that everyone has their own individual experience.  Explore, read, learn from, & enjoy these posts, but know that everyone’s experience is unique.

If you have specific questions for the authors of these posts, please send us an email and we can put you in touch with these wonderful individuals!

“Voices of Trips” Posts:


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