Welcome to the Class of 2016!

Congratulations ’16s!

You did it!  The waiting game is over and you can finally take a deep breath because you were admitted to the Class of 2016!  Today at 5:00pm, a little over 2,000 students found out they were accepted to Dartmouth College and here at DOC First-Year Trips, we could not be more excited to welcome you to the beautiful and incredible place we’re all lucky to call home.  Check out this fancy admissions welcome video…there’s some former Trip Leaders in there!

The Admissions Office has a great site you can check out with blogs, videos and more…but DOC First-Year Trips always comes up as a reason why many students have chose (and enjoy) Dartmouth!  The program offers an unparalleled welcome to the campus community and, for many, is a fun way to spend a few days with new classmates before exploring Hanover and beginning classes.

If this says anything, last year over 700 current students applied to lead a First-Year Trip!  That means over 700 (of only 3,000 upperclassmen) were ready & willing to come to campus early and put themselves in the outdoors (no showers!)….just to welcome YOU!

It’s a staggering number of people interested in introducing you to Dartmouth and a testament to how much potential this community has.  While many of you have been accepted to probably several wonderful schools that will undoubtedly offer you a great education, Dartmouth seems to differ from many of its peers when it comes to how much we like to welcome first-year students.  Interpret as you will, but I think that’s a pretty good reason to come to Dartmouth!

So check out our school, visit sometime this month (Dimensions Weekend is April 19-21), and we hope to see you this Fall!


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