Rambling in Robo: Expanding the Team

Note: This post is part of the “Rambling in Robo” series, which provides news & updates from the DOC First-Year Trips Directorate as planning & organizing the program gets underway.  Always refer to the DOC First-Year Trips website for dates, details, and logistics.  Read the introduction to this series here.

Expanding the Team

So there are only a little under 16 weeks until the ’16s arrive for DOC First-Year Trips and we figured we could use some help in welcoming them to Dartmouth!

DOC Trips Directorate members Jenny Lamb ’13, Emily Mason-Osann ’11, J Mentrek ’13, and Remy Franklin ’13 spent a lot of long nights in the DOC Trips office helping to review hundreds of volunteer applications.

DOC First-Year Trips are a lot more than just new students…the entire community gets involved in making the experience and transition into Orientation as welcoming and fun as possible.  Each year, HUNDREDS of upperclassmen students take time out of their busy schedule and apply to serve as trip leaders and support crew members (sometimes referred to as “croos”).  While everyone has different experiences and relationships from their own first-year trip, the experience – often the very first one students have together at Dartmouth – means a lot to many different upperclassmen (by the way, check out a related blog post from Michelle Shankar ’12, a former trip leader & support crew member).

This year, we had around 650 upperclassmen apply to lead a trip and around 150 students apply to serve on a support crew…which is a LOT of applications and answers to read. Luckily, our wonderful Trip Leader Trainers & Crew Chiefs – along with a team of over 20 experienced/former leaders & other directorate members – read every single application two or three times EACH! (650 + 150 = 800 x 3 reads = 2400 application reads!).  The directorate is tasked with assembling a huge team of volunteers, which this year will include approximately 300 trip leaders & 59 support crew members.  Woah!

Members of the “Hanover Croo” – one of the five support crews for DOC Trips – pose for a picture at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge.

The ~359 students who will be welcoming many members of the class of 2016 to campus in August & September are an all-star group (they were all notified last week, read all about it!).  They pull from a wide variety of campus groups and communities, they have dozens of different academic interests, and a wide range of outdoor experiences.  BUT, what they all share in common is a desire to make the ’16s feel welcome and included in their new home & community.  We can’t express how head-over-heels excited we are to bring these fantastic individuals on board.

Trip Leaders are paired up so every DOC Trip is led by two upperclassmen while the 59 support crew members are divided up into five different “croos” who support a number of different functions of the program. All volunteers go through a ~9 hour training regiment and have medical certifications as well as experience on one outdoors trip.  They may all not be uber-outdoorsy, but they certainly will know their stuff to keep you (16s!) safe and happy!

Now that our team has expanded by 359 people, we’re getting even more psyched for the arrival of the ’16s! Keep an eye out for more updates from the DOC Trips directorate as we get closer and closer to your arrival!


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