Choosing a Trip: More Thoughts from Trip Leaders

Choosing a Trip: More Thoughts from Trip Leaders

The other day, we posted some thoughts from prior trip leaders about the many different DOC First-Year Trips you can choose to go on (read all the descriptions here).  While all of the trips can be really fun and enjoyable – the people and interactions are way more important than the actual activity – here are some more thoughts from trip leaders about the many different types of trips you can choose to go on!

Nature Writing & Painting

“I led a nature writing & painting trip last year, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Dartmouth!  At first I was a little apprehensive; I wasn’t sure how to incorporate writing and painting into our trip.  We ended up going on really great nature walks in the area around our cabin in the 2nd College Grant, and then spent some reflection time writing and drawing after the hikes.  We also put our artistic skills to use by designing all of our own shirts just for our trip.  If you love nature but don’t necessarily want a super physically stressful trip, this could be a great experience!”         –Alex Wolf ’14, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Horseback Riding

“I led the horseback riding trip last year and had so much fun!  In the mornings we helped take care of the horses and then got to ride before lunch.  We usually had some down-time to talk or hike mid-day and then did something exciting like play games on the horses in the afternoon.  The trip is based at Morton Farm, which is a beautiful 200-acre farm that is usually used by the Varsity Equestrian Team and is kept in great condition!”   –Janna Wandzilak ’14, Charlotte, North Carolina


“When I went on my freshmen trip, I decided to sign-up for climbing because it seemed more exciting than walking.  But when I later read the description, I was shocked to read that climbing was “for the experienced hiker looking to try something new.”  Things I am not: An experienced hiker.  Long story short, I ended up enjoying my trip and last year was so excited when I got to lead the same trip! The hike was difficult but not impossible and there were some great lookout points along the way. The day spent climbing was incredible thanks to Climbing Croo, which teaches everyone how to climb and belay (I am also not an experienced climber).  So if you don’t think you’re “fit” enough or have enough climbing experience, don’t worry! This trip can be an awesome experience regardless.”  –James Lee ’13, Northern Virginia

Mountain Biking

“This past summer I led a DOC First-Year Mountain Biking trip. While abilities and day-to-day activities varied, we all had a great time exploring the Norwich area and getting to know each other. Prior biking experience and superhuman fitness is not necessary; the trip is designed so leaders can adapt the routes and mileage to the comfort of their trippees.  After participating in and leading a Trip, I am convinced that there is no better way to get excited and feel welcomed into the Dartmouth community.”   –-Jeff Wilson ’13, Newbury, New Hampshire

Coming up later this week…even MORE perspectives from leaders of various types of DOC Trips!  And on Thursday, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A video chat for you (and your parents) to ask us anything about Trips, registration, schedules, move-in…pretty much anything.  Remember to check out the full descriptions here and learn more about choosing a trip here.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!


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