DOC Trips Preview: Welcome to Hanover!

Your First Day…Welcome to Hanover!

Greetings ’16s!

Welcome to Dartmouth and welcome to DOC Trips specifically.  We’re J and Jenny and we’re responsible for scheduling your time in Hanover during DOC Trips.  We’ve been working really hard to get everything ready for your arrival and we won’t stop working until you’re here for Trips 2012!  Depending on when you get here, DOC Trips are in less than or equal to 72 days.  Wow!

If you couldn’t tell from reading the rest of this blog, Trips is one of the most sacred Dartmouth traditions and one of the best Dartmouth memories you’ll ever create.  Three years ago, we were in your shoes getting excited about school and Dartmouth and wondering about Trips as well.  We wanted to tell you guys today a little bit about what you can expect so you can go into Trips with some “inside information.”

Members of Hanover Croo work the registration table on Robo Lawn.
When you arrive on the day of your Trip, you’ll come to the front lawn of Robinson Hall and be greeted by Hanover Croo, a group of 15 upperclassmen who are there to welcome you and prepare you for your Trip.  Once you get to campus, Robinson Hall (Robo as we like to call it) will be impossible to miss.  You’ll sign in with members of Hanover Croo and they’ll be hanging out with you guys, shooting the breeze, teaching you Dartmouth games and dances, and setting you up with equipment for your Trip (more info coming to you via email later this summer about renting gear from us!).
This first day will be pretty relaxed, casual, and fun. After breaking some ice with Hanover Croo and ~100 of your nearest and dearest ’16 friends, Hanover Croo will introduce you to your Trip Leaders (you get two of them!) and fellow Trippees.  Together, you will be spending the next few days with these people so it’s good to get to know them before you leave!
On day 1, you’ll spend some time hanging out in front of Robinson Hall – the headquarters of DOC Trips.
Your Trip Leaders will show you around campus for the afternoon and bring you to some other DOC Trips related activities.  You’ll have the option of taking the Dartmouth swim test (required before you graduate!) and you will enjoy a delicious local & sustainable dinner.  Finally, the Hanover Croo Safety Dorks will give a college mandated safety talk where they will prepare you for your days and nights in the wilderness.  The safety talk will help to ensure that all of you are on the same footing when it comes to basic information & precautions for spending time outside.  We’ll get you ready to enjoy your DOC Trip and help you to feel prepared before you leave.
After the safety talk, you’ll go to Leverone Field House (an indoor track and field facility…yay!) where everyone will spend their first night.  Hanover Croo will wake you up bright and early, feed you a delicious breakfast, and get you going on your Trip!
After reading this post, and if your reading comprehension level hasn’t dropped too far since high school graduation, you’ll notice that you won’t be spending anytime camping or doing strenuous activities outside on the first day of your trip.  Most of your time and effort will be focused on meeting many other ’16s as well as upperclassmen and connecting with all of them before your Trip begins.  Just dress casual and as you would on any other summer day but ensure to have the supplies you need ready and packed for whatever activity you’re doing on your trip.
We can’t wait for you all to arrive on campus and for Trips 2012!  Registration has already started and is due online by June 15th!  If you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Trips office, or – if you want – blitz us directly!
Thanks for reading our post.  We look forward to meeting you in less than or equal to 72 days!


Jenny Lamb ’13 & J Mentrek ’13


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