Introducing “Trip Leader Profiles”

DOC Trip Leaders review some of the training materials before their trips begin.

As I (and several others) have mentioned in this blog, there are a LOT of incredible students who make DOC Trips happen every year.  Beyond the directorate, which plans and organizes the program, approximately 300 upper-class students volunteer to serve as trip leaders, around 60 students work on our support croos, and countless others fill in all the gaps.

In short: DOC Trips is a team of hundreds of individuals who are really excited that you are coming to Dartmouth this fall.  In addition to a pretty extensive application, trip leaders & support croo members undergo a lot of training before you arrive in Hanover.  They also have to get first aid & CPR certified…we don’t mess around here.

The students involved with DOC Trips come from all over campus, all types of majors, all sorts of activities, and all different backgrounds.  The one thing they all have in common? An interest in making your transition to Dartmouth both a lot of fun and hopefully more comfortable for you.

Trip Leaders canoe back from a training session on Gilman Island.

So, we want to introduce you to some of the incredibly committed & excited upper-class students who are spending 5 days of their summer co-leading a DOC First-Year Trip.  Therefore, I’m happy to introduce our new “Trip Leader Profile” series, which will be short interview-style introductions to a variety of some of your future trip leaders.

While you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your two co-leaders really once DOC Trips start, every trip leader is here to help you out if you need it.  See a major you want to learn more about it?  Someone from your hometown?  An activity you might want to try at Dartmouth?  Feel free to reach out to any of these leaders both before and after DOC Trips! (If you haven’t already discovered, every Dartmouth student’s email can be found here)

My favorite thing about DOC Trips? It bring together a wide variety of students all for a common goal – welcoming your class.  So check out these profiles all throughout the summer; we’ll be introducing a few leaders each week & I hope you enjoy learning a little more about them!

“Trip Leader Profiles” Posts:

List will be updated as more posts are published.

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