Rambling in Robo: Your DOC Trip Assignment!

Note: This post is part of the “Rambling in Robo” series, which provides news & updates from the DOC First-Year Trips Directorate as planning & organizing the program gets underway.  Always refer to the DOC First-Year Trips website for dates, details, and logistics.  Read the introduction to this series here.

A 1013-Piece Puzzle…Solved.

Dear World of ’16s (& friends who happen to read this blog),

We have emerged from a cave, with your registrations in hand, our (complicated, totally bonkers) database in the background, and we have for you…DOC Trip assignments!

You can find your trip assignment here.  You will need to log-in using your Dartmouth email & password. (If you’re totally confused, feel free to email us!) 

Once you log-in, you’ll discover the name of your trip (i.e. “The Oak Hill Bike Trip”, “The Mt. Moosilauke Trailwork Trip”, and so many more!) and you can use the name to do some Google searching to learn more about the areas you’ll be visiting, so you can start having some context for your trip! There are so many species of trees, high spots, low spots, water spots, histories (DOC Trips is 77 years old, by the way!), and much more encapsulated in this land.Soon, you’ll be part of it too.

We tried our very hardest to arrange a DOC Trip for you that you were interested in, and would address any scheduling, medical, or preferences you indicated on your registration form. If something slipped through the cracks, and you’re not sure if something was addressed appropriately in assigning you to a trip, please let us know.

We were not able to assign everyone to a trip that was their first choice, and sometimes not even a trip that they “preferred” (but always at least a trip they were listed as “available” for), simply because each section has a different set of DOC Trips, some of which are not offered as frequently.

This is what DOC Trip assignments look like in our heads.

We’re confident you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy and relish and find meaning and fun in the trip we are presenting you with. We are — and we’re glad to invite you to your own special place in the New Hampshire (and Vermont) woods, finally!

If something changes, and you have a serious, legitimate reason for needing to alter your trip assignment, please email us the reason and we will try to accommodate. We hope you realize that we are working with a very complicated 1013-piece puzzle in creating trip assignments — all 1000+ of you have your own schedule, ability level, and preferences — so we want to make sure we only make changes that are necessary. And because we want to be able to make those necessary changes, everyone’s flexibility will make the whole endeavor happier!

You have the honor of meeting and introducing yourselves to two upperclassmen who will be your trip leaders (check out our new blog series introducing you to some of these fantastic people), and some members of your class – your trippees – on the day you arrive in Hanover! We can’t wait for you to bring yourselves here, exactly as you are. With your packing lists (which you can find on the same webpage as your trip assignment) complete, of course. If you have packing related questions, feel free to contact us or check out our live video Q&A later this summer

Some of you opted not to go on a DOC First-Year Trip for an array of reasons, and we just want to be super sure that you also realize that we are welcoming you too.  This land is now a place for your feet to tread, and we are so excited for you to bring yourselves to Dartmouth too — exactly as you do it.

Warmly (as in, it’s currently 89⁰F in the Trips office…),

Emo & Farzeen

DOC First-Year Trips Directors


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