Trip Leader Profile: Sharang Biswas ’12

Note: This post is part of the “Trip Leader Profile” series, which will introduce some of the student volunteers for DOC Trips 2012.  To learn more about our great group of trip leaders, check out the introduction to the series here

10 Questions for Sharang Biswas ’12

Sharang Biswas ’12 is from Abu Dhabi, United Aram Emirates & Delhi, India.

What DOC Trip are you leading this fall?

I’m leading Cabin Camping.

What are you studying?

Engineering Sciences.

What DOC Trip did you go on?

Organic Farming!

3 words that describe your first year at Dartmouth…

Exciting. Busy. Way-Too-Fast.

Why are you excited for DOC Trips 2012?


The best or worst advice you received during your first-year at Dartmouth…

Go outside your comfort zone, especially with regard to academics.

What kind of animal would you want to be?

I would enjoy being a panther.

Favorite Dartmouth memory so far?

Too many to detail 🙂

The one item you forgot to pack when you came to Dartmouth…

The discipline I had built up in high school.  Still cannot find that…

Your ideal Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth…

Hanging out with friends & eating well.  And maybe playing nerdy games.


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