Preparing for Trips: Getting Yourself Here

Preparing for Trips: Getting Yourself Here

Note: If you have any questions or concerns around travel or transportation for your DOC Trip, please feel free to contact us.  You can also check out the College’s visitors page.  

Registering for DOC Trips, getting your trip assignment, finding out which dorm you will be in, blitzing your future roommate…with all these major moments now behind you, it’s time to think practical. How are you getting here? More importantly, how is all your stuff getting here? And if you’re on a trip during sections A-D, you have to think about going home, then returning to campus a little later. Don’t worry just yet, ’16s!  We’ve put together some advice, suggestions, and resources to help you out — so you can stop stressing about how to fit your mini-fridge into your carry-on (this sounds unlikely) and focus on getting excited for Dartmouth!

Travel & Transportation 

The Dartmouth Coach runs daily bus service from New York City, Stamford, CT, and Boston.

Many of you with travel anxiety (or was that just us?) are probably flying as part of your travel to school.  You can fly into Boston’s Logan Airport or a regional airport in Manchester, NH.  If you’re coming from Boston, you can hop on the Dartmouth Coach right outside baggage claim.  The bus will stop at South Station bus terminal, where you’ll need to buy your ticket (if you didn’t already order one online).  The bus is great: free wi-fi, snacks, water, and a movie.  A LOT of Dartmouth students, faculty, & staff use it so expect to see some fellow ’16s on the bus with you. It will drop you off 3 hours later on the edge of the Green.  Check the Dartmouth Coach schedule before you book your flights to be sure you have enough time to make the last bus of the day at 8:55pm!

If you’re coming from Manchester, NH, there are several options – all of which are used less frequently. There is a Greyhound Bus that runs from the Manchester Airport to Hanover as well as a few shuttle services.  By the way, West Lebanon, NH (right next door to Dartmouth) also has a small (tiny) airport with a grand total of one airline you can use to get here. And finally, if you live within driving distance from Hanover, NH…lucky you! Having a family member drive you to campus is an easy option, just make sure not to park too long at a metered spot or the Hanover Police will track you down.  If you are moving in during the College move-in day on September 4th, there will be plenty of signs to help guide you with dropping off boxes and stuff for your room.  If you arrive on any other day to move-in, it’s pretty informal – so feel free to unload your boxes wherever seems appropriate.  Remember, first-year students can’t bring cars to school during their first term, so leave your wheels behind!

Your Residence Hall

By this point, you’ve Googled your residence hall extensively and are bursting with excitement to live there (right?).  If you are going on a trip during sections A-D, you will be *UNABLE* to access your room before or immediately after your DOC Trip.  So leave all your boxes and futons and suitcases behind, and just bring the stuff you need for your DOC Trip!  Students on sections A-D should plan to arrive and move-in on September 4th unless you have permission from the Housing Office.

If you are on a trip during sections E-J, you can access your residence hall the day your trip begins (simply go to the Housing Office in North Massachusetts Hall or, for after hours arrivals, check with Safety & Security).  Once you are in your building, you can drop off your boxes and belongings…but you should NOT “move-in” or set-up your sure-to-be beautiful rooms.  The College does maintenance and inspections of rooms between terms to make sure everything is okay, so please resist the urge to hang up your Dartmouth posters and high school photos until after you have returned from your DOC Trip.  You can fully move-in and set-up your room once you have returned from your trip.  For more move-in information, check out the Office of Residential Life website.

Advice from your Trip Leaders

“Just remember that all that stuff you’re moving in has to moved out again, probably several times before your Dartmouth career, so pack light. You need less stuff than you think. But if there is one thing that I’ve learned as a south Florida native, the two things you don’t want to skimp on are a good winter coat and a sturdy rain jacket. For larger stuff that you may not have carried with you on the plane (fridge, bike, full length mirror, hangers, etc.) definitely check out the sustainability sale, but get there early or all the good stuff will be gone! Not only is it super cheap, but you don’t have to struggle out to wal-mart if you don’t have any friends with cars yet.”   –Rochele Brown ’13, Royal Palm Beach, Florida

“This year, don’t miss the Sustainable Moving Sale! Taking place from 8 am to 1 pm on ‘Mass Row’ on move-in day (Tuesday, September 4th), the sale has everything you need for a fabulous room. Every year, graduating students donate their college goods to the sale and we resell them to incoming students for up to 75% off. By doing this we seriously cut down on our waste and the amount of money spent at Walmart. Everything sold is tested before hand and ready for its next loving owner. Over the years the sale has grown to become a tradition of its own. This year the sale will feature personal shoppers (upperclassmen who can hint and nudge at the actual college necessities), our local crepe lady, live music, sustainability at Dartmouth and more fun. Find everything you need (and many things you dont) at the Sustainable Moving Sale!” –Meegan Daigler ’14, Sustainability Intern

“Traveling to Dartmouth for the first time is always quite the adventure if you don’t live on the East Coast.  My family lives in Minnesota so in order to get to campus I took a flight into Boston and then took the Dartmouth Coach to Dartmouth.  This takes a while, but is probably the easiest way to get to campus.  Wear a Dartmouth shirt and you’ll be sure to find other incoming students waiting for the coach.  Of course it does make it difficult to get your belongings to campus, especially since you will likely be out in the woods before you have a chance to move in.  I arrived on campus right before the time Trips started, with no time to go to my residence hall, so I shipped boxes of my stuff from home to my Hinman box.  This is a great way to get your non-camping possessions to campus, just make sure to do it early enough so you don’t have to spend your first night back sleeping in a sleeping bag like I did!”      –Nathan Friendly ’13, Shorewood, Minnesota

“I crammed all of my stuff into a few suitcases and arrived in Hanover via plane with my parents. Before my trip started, I went to Target with my mom and picked up a comforter, pillows, towels and all the other basic room necessities. Even though I was forced to minimize the amount of stuff I brought to school by flying, I still think I brought a bunch of unnecessary things. Make sure you bring lots of photos, posters and things to decorate your room with, but cut back on things like plastic containers and hangers that you can always get more of in Hanover. Also, take advantage of the sustainable move-in sale!”   –Eliza Relman ’13, Washington, D.C.


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