Trip Leader Profile: Ashton Slatev ’15

Note: This post is part of the “Trip Leader Profile” series, which will introduce some of the student volunteers for DOC Trips 2012.  To learn more about our great group of trip leaders, check out the introduction to the series here

10 Questions for Ashton Slatev ’15

Ashton Slatev ’15 is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

What DOC Trip are you leading this fall?

I am leading a hiking trip from Mt. Mist to Mt. Moosilauke!

What are you studying?

In high school, I discovered my passion for linguistics whilst writing my senior thesis.  In addition to majoring in linguistics, I plan on minoring in Chinese and potentially Russian.

What DOC Trip did you go on?

As fate would have it, I actually went on this very hiking trip to Mt. Moosilauke that I am leading this year.

3 words that describe your first year at Dartmouth…

Touch. The. Fire.

Why are you excited for DOC Trips 2012?

The phrase “out of one’s comfort zone” gets thrown around regularly, whether it’s in reference to an icebreaker you participated in at some summer camp years ago (knight rider princess, anyone?) or perhaps describing that time you ended up in a closet playing seven minutes in heaven with…Linda. Regardless, it seems we can all agree that everyone has a pretty good idea of what it is to be “out of one’s comfort zone.” Wrong. I too, just like you, once sat smugly on my throne of false expectations and misconstrued perceptions of what it truly felt like to be out of my comfort zone. By presenting such opportunities to leave my comfort zone, DOC Trips allowed me to break down all of my barriers and realize that I belonged with these people, that I belonged at Dartmouth and that I had made the right choice, all before I had even stepped foot on campus.

The best or worst advice you received during your first-year at Dartmouth…

Best: “Oh, you’re interested in cultural diffusion? You should watch Jersey Shore.”

What kind of animal would you want to be?


Favorite Dartmouth memory so far?

Green Key weekend has definitely been my favorite Dartmouth memory thus far. I certainly did not expect it to be the best of the three big weekends, but it truly blew my mind.

The one item you forgot to pack when you came to Dartmouth…

Flair. You can never have enough flair.

Your ideal Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth…

Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth includes canoeing up the Connecticut with a group of friends and hitting up that monster rope swing followed by dinner on the river.


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