Rambling in Robo: The Countdown Begins…

Note: This post is part of the “Rambling in Robo” series, which provides news & updates from the DOC First-Year Trips Directorate as planning & organizing the program gets underway.  Always refer to the DOC First-Year Trips website for dates, details, and logistics.  Read the introduction to this series here.

The Countdown Begins…

Hi Trippees!!

I can’t believe that it’s already time for DOC Trips.  I have been sitting in Robo 103 (my office in Robinson Hall) for many months now, emailing you and talking to many of you on the phone and I absolutely can’t wait for you to actually be here!

Volunteers Seanie, Amelia, and John get some equipment ready for DOC Trips.

I remember so distinctly 5 years ago when I was getting ready my first-year trip (woo! Section D Canoeing on the Magalloway River!). I had never been on an extended outdoor trip of any kind and was nervous and excited and anxious and happy and a million other things.

I’m from Maine, so I returned home after my trip and then moved into my residence hall a week later.  That seemed like the longest week ever.  I left my trip having had fun, not made my closest friends, but had enjoyed myself.  The thing that stuck with me after my trip was a wonderful feeling of anticipation for the next four years.  This new door had opened and I was so excited to jump in.

I think that everyone comes out of DOC Trips with something different, some people excited, some tired, some happy, some sad etc. and all of those things are great.  We hope that you come out of Trips and have found something about Dartmouth that excites you, whether it’s the people, the places, that one cool tree that you saw while canoeing on the Magalloway River or an activity that your trip leader mentioned to you.  This new home of yours is a crazy place with lots of different people who do lots of different things.  It’s all those things together that make Dartmouth what it is.

Trips is the first time during the year when a lot of those different things that make Dartmouth, Dartmouth come together to WELCOME your new, crazy Dartmouth family.

I, along with Farzeen (the assistant director), the 15 directorate members, the 59 support crew members who volunteer 3 weeks, the 288 trip leaders who volunteer a week, the hundreds of other people who have made Trips happen, and the rest of the Dartmouth Campus are really looking forward to meet you and see what the class of 2016 is all about.

Don’t forget to join us tonight for our live Q&A online at 8pm Eastern. Your parents can tune in too!  All the information is available here.  And if you have any questions in these last few days, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to make this experience a great (& stress-free) one!

See you soon!


DOC First-Year Trips Director


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