Questions & Answers II

Questions From Our Live Q&A

On August 16, we hosted a live Q&A for DOC Trips.  Thanks so much to all who tuned in and asked questions.  While the DOC Trips website and this blog have all the information you need, check out some of the commonly asked questions from members of the Class of 2016.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.   

Q: What do I do when I arrive for my DOC Trip? What do I wear? Where do I go?


DOC Trips directorate members Emo, Tommy, and Jenny get set-up for the live Q&A on Thursday August 16th.

A: Please plan to check-in for your DOC Trip at Robinson Hall (“Robo) between 1:00pm and 3:00pm on the day your trip begins.  You should arrive to Robo with all of your gear/equipment/clothes for your trip.  You will check-in, hang out with our Hanover support croo, meet some of your classmates and lots of other activities – read more about day 1 here.  You do not need to dress ready to hike/kayak/climb/etc… – day 1 is all about hanging out, playing games and meeting new friends. Casual dress is totally fine!  At Robo – once you register – you can pick up any gear you need to borrow.

Q: What toiletries should I pack? Can I bring a camera or phone? Do I need money for my trip?

A: Your complete packing list for your specific trip can be found online (same place where you checked your trip assignment).  In regards to toiletries – we suggest staying away from items that have distinct smells (perfumes, scented lotion, etc..) as they will attract more bugs.  You should bring a toothbrush & toothpaste, but everything else is up to you!  During your trip, everyone does not smell too great, so no need to worry about deodorant.  You are welcome to bring a camera (especially if you are on the Nature Photography trip), but we ask that you leave your cellphones behind. Phone batteries will die and they can be a little distracting.  Your trip leaders will have a phone in case of an emergency.  Almost all trips will not require any money, but refer to your packing list if you are not sure!

Q: Do we get to find out our trip leader before DOC Trips begin?  When do we meet them?

A: Nope!  You will meet your two wonderful trip leaders after you check-in for your trip at Robinson Hall.  They are wrapping up their training and are very excited to meet you all!

Q: How does the swim test work on day 1?  Do we swim during our trip?

A: The swim test is 2 laps of the pool and is a graduation requirement.  We offer you the chance to take your swim test during day 1 of your DOC Trip; it is optional at that time, but if you are going on any water-related trip (kayaking, canoeing, etc..) – you will need to successfully complete the swim test.  Read more about the swim test here.  Most DOC Trips do not include swimming but some do have the opportunity to swim in a lake or river.  It is always optional, but check your trip’s packing list to determine if you want to bring a swimsuit.

Q: Can I leave any valuables or extra items behind during my trip?

A: You can!  During day 1 in Hanover, we will collect any valuable items (iPods, wallets, phones, etc…) you do not want to bring on your DOC Trip and keep them locked up safe on campus.  You can retrieve these items once your trip is over. If you have any clothes or non-valuable items you decide to not bring on your trip, we can easily store that too.  Your trip leaders will collect this stuff on day 1 of your trip to leave behind in Hanover.

Q: What kind of backpack do I need for my trip?

A: For almost all trips (except water-related trips), we strongly encourage you to use a hiking frame pack.  This is *different* than a regular backpack you might use for school – it has a hip belt, additional padding, and is much larger.   You can usually ask friends and family to borrow one or look at discount outdoor retailers (i.e. Army & Navy stores, CampMor website, etc…).  If you don’t have a hiking frame pack, we have some you can borrow!  Please send us an email beforehand and let us know what equipment you need to borrow & what section you are on.  When you arrive to Robinson Hall, you can check-out the gear and return it at the end of your trip!

Q: What’s the weather going to be like? How do we prepare for inclement weather?

A: DOC Trips happen rain or shine!  The weather, particularly in New England, can be a little unpredictable so please plan accordingly.  Please make sure you have a rain jacket, warm jacket for nighttime, and even a hat & gloves if you get cold easily.  New England nights can get very chilly, so even though it might be hot and humid during the day, you should be prepared for temperatures in the 40s at nighttime.  If you bring too much clothes, your trip leaders can help you sort out what you should bring and what you should leave behind in Hanover.

We are so excited for you to arrive! If there is anything we can do to make your trip a better experience, please let us know.  Please feel free to contact us via email or phone.  


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