Trip Leader Profile: Robbie Herbst ’16

Note: This post is part of the “Trip Leader Profile” series, which will introduce some of the student volunteers for DOC Trips 2013.  To learn more about our great group of trip leaders, check out the introduction to the series here

10 Questions for Robbie Herbst ’16

Robbie is from Englewood, Colorado
Robbie is from Englewood, Colorado

What DOC Trip are you leading this fall?

The Zealand & Bondcliff Trip

What are you studying?

History and Music

What DOC Trip did you go on?

The Velvet Rocks & Moose Trip.

3 words that describe your first year at Dartmouth…

Gone so soon.

Why are you excited for DOC Trips 2013?

Trips was such a positive experience for me, and I feel an immense obligation to give back to the community by doing everything in my power to make new students feel as welcomed as I did. I love hiking trips because of how close you get to the people that you are with, and I cherish every opportunity I get to become close with a group of people in the wilderness. Older students were very important in my first year as mentors and as trustworthy friends, and I would love nothing more than to play the same role in the lives of the incoming students.

The best or worst advice you received during your first-year at Dartmouth…

The best advice I received was to go on Dinertoure Wednesday mornings.

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

Collis stir-fry.

What has been the highlight of your time at Dartmouth thus far?

Playing in the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra. It has been my most important group of friends, and playing music is just the perfect way to balance the stresses of Dartmouth academic and social life. It is also just a really well run organization that cares about its members and seeks to better the lives of those involved.

What was the most important item you forgot to pack before coming to Dartmouth to move in?

I didn’t pack advil PM. I wasn’t anticipating how difficult it would be to sleep on those beds at first.

Your ideal Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth…

I would sleep in until around noon, then go to Collis for a smoothie. Then I would go to the hop to practice violin for about an hour. It is like early May in this afternoon, so after that I would go hang out with my friends on the green. We would stay there for a couple hours until I suspected that I might be getting sunburned. Then I would go walk or bike around Occom pond. I would end the afternoon with an early foco dinner so as to beat the 6 pm rush.


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