DOC Trips Preview: Welcome to Hanover!

Welcome trippees!

Hello First-Year Students!

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Alan ’14

We are so excited that you are coming to Hanover in just a few weeks to start your DOC First-Year Trip. Our names are Alan and Gerben and together with a group of 13 awesome upperclassmen we will be welcoming you to Dartmouth and helping you get ready for your Trip. You will be spending the first day and night of your trip with us in Hanover. Our team, also known as Hanover Croo, has been working really hard to prepare for your arrival and we can’t wait to finally meet you! DOC First-Year Trips is really special to both of us because our trips helped us find friends, meet helpful upperclassmen, and learn about Dartmouth academics, activities, and traditions. Our hope is to provide you with a welcoming and supportive experience when you arrive this fall.

Gerben '14
Gerben ’14

When you arrive for your trip, you will come to Robinson Hall located right on the Green and Hanover Croo will be there to greet you. We will provide you with any gear you need and make sure your equipment is all set for your trip. For the rest of the afternoon you will get to meet and play games with other students on your trip section and you will get to meet your incredible leaders! Your trip will have time to bond and travel around campus playing games, preparing food for the trip, and taking the optional swim test. Then, we will get back together for a sustainable and delicious barbeque before getting some final reminders about safety and camping from Hanover Croo’s Safety Dorks. Your leaders are highly trained in outdoor skills and first aid, but we like to provide everyone with a few reminders and helpful hints before you head outside. Finally, we will all head to the Leverone Field House to spend the first night together sleeping on the indoor turf fields! Bright and early the next morning Hanover Croo will wake you up and walk with you to a delicious breakfast. After any final packing and a send-off from one of Dartmouth’s staff members, you will load onto busses and together you will depart campus for a few days of fun outside. Luckily we get the chance to see you again when you return to campus!

When you come to campus for your trip, please bring a bag with your gear, and wear comfortable shoes and clothes to spend the day outside playing games. On behalf of the entire Hanover Croo, we are incredibly excited to meet each one of you and help you prepare for Trips.

Have a great rest of the summer,
Alan & Gerben


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