DOC Trips Preview: Welcome to the Lodj!

Hello incoming students near and far!

Greetings from your First-Year DOC Trips Lodj Croo Chiefs!

So you’ve reached the end of your three days in the woods, and you’re looking for a little change of scenery—some semblance of human civilization, perhaps? You’re in luck! The last night of your 2013 DOC Trips experience is spent at Warren, New Hampshire’s very own paradise, Elysian Fields, utopia—the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge.

Kara '14
Kara ’14

Closed to everyone except for the 1000+ First-Year students (aka YOU, the Trippees!) during the three weeks of Trips, the Ravine Lodge is a fully-functioning hospitality business owned and operated by Dartmouth College at the base of Mount Moosilauke in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The Lodge—“famous for fine food”—is open from May through October to the general public and is frequented by Dartmouth students, alumni, and local guests throughout this time.

At the end of August (just in time for the arrival of a new batch of Dartmouth students), the Lodge is transformed into the “lodj,” the final destination for every First-Year DOC Trip. Trippees will descend on the lodj from near and far to reflect on and celebrate their Trips experience and commiserate over the fact that they will soon have to rejoin society and inevitably take a shower.
Upon your arrival, you may notice a large group of 15 upperclassmen scurrying around—welcoming you off your bus, organizing field games, and taking care of many of the “lodj-istics” associated with running a beautiful 70-year-old building full of smelly trippees (aka YOU). The sole purpose of these volunteer upperclassmen “croolings” is to welcome you to the lodj and make you feel as comfortable as possible while meeting your new classmates! You’ll be treated to the finest meal in the mountains served by these lodj croolings and whipped up by our very own “Kitchen Wizard”—the first and quite possibly last five-course dinner you’ll ever experience during your Dartmouth career.

Eric '14
Eric ’14

As soon as you get off the bus at the lodj, you’ll make your way down a short pathway littered with enthused croolings welcoming you to a magical place known as the “leach field,” where happiness, opportunity, and kickball abound. As you mix and mingle with your future classmates, you’ll be introduced to a wide range of traditional First-Year DOC Trips games such as “miniature tanks,” “wah,” and “ninja” before dinner is served. Sound enticing? We think so!

Following dinner, Lodj Croo will present its Academy-Award-winning “Evening Program.” During the length of the program, maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cry, and perhaps you’ll even cringe at times, but we are certain you will all get involved and emerge as better and stronger human beings. There might even be a few surprises thrown in, but you didn’t hear that from us…

After a good night’s sleep in one of our four five-star bunkhouses, you’ll wake up to a fresh breakfast sprinkled with Dartmouth tradition made by your friendly neighborhood Lodj Croo. Breakfast will be followed by a series of morning exercises designed to get even the deepest of sleepers ready to face the world! Before your departure, Lodj Croo will beg, Lodj Croo will cry, Lodj Croo will even try to stop you, but you’ll have to resist your urges to stay at the lodj forever and board the bus back to Hanover, where the endless possibility of four years of classes, community, and Salty Dog Ragging await (have no fear….in due time you’ll all be experts!)!

Our names are Kara Hedges ’14 and Eric Waskowicz ’14 and we are your Lodj Croo co-chiefs for this year. As experienced croolings from Lodj Croos of yore, we’ve spent the past few months working toward making your time at the lodj an absolutely unparalleled experience. We can’t wait to meet you! Have a great rest of the summer and get ready to get “lodj-er than life” in the woods of New Hampshire later this summer!

Lodj love,
Kara and Eric


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