Trip Leader Profile: Nancy Seem ’14

Note: This post is part of the “Trip Leader Profile” series, which will introduce some of the student volunteers for DOC Trips 2013.  To learn more about our great group of trip leaders, check out the introduction to the series here

10 Questions for Nancy Seem ’14

Nancy is from Manchester, Vermont
Nancy is from Manchester, Vermont

What DOC Trip are you leading this fall?

The Zealand & Bondcliff Trip

What are you studying?

English with a minor in Education.

What DOC Trip did you go on?

The Zealand & Bondcliff Trip!

3 words that describe your first year at Dartmouth…

Overwhelming, exciting, sleep-deprived

Why are you excited for DOC Trips 2013?

I had so much fun on my trip. I still keep in touch with my trip leaders and trippees! I’m leading the exact trip that I took a first-year student (full circle moment), so I’m excited to give back to the program as I enter my senior year. Trips is a great time to meet people. And while not everyone will meet their best friends, it’s a warm introduction into the Dartmouth community, and I can’t wait to be a part of that.

Also, eating Annie’s Mac and blocks of Cabot cheese in the woods for a few days kind of rocks, too.

The best or worst advice you received during your first-year at Dartmouth…

Don’t let others pressure you into taking their advice.

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

A Collis smoothie with kale! It turns an awesome/gross green.

What has been the highlight of your time at Dartmouth thus far?

I think sophomore summer was my favorite term — for me it fell right after a term in Lyon, France and right before I was about to head to Glasgow, Scotland. It was a great time for our entire class to come together and you can’t beat long days at the river and nights at the drive-in theatre. Over sophomore summer, Dartmouth really felt like home.

What was the most important item you forgot to pack before coming to Dartmouth to move in?

Febreeze! You can use it on anything and everything. Seriously. This stuff is the best.

Your ideal Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth…

I would wake up and grab an iced coffee from Dirt Cowboy (it’s right on Main Street) and head to the river with my friends. After a few hours at the dock I would lay out on the green and read to dry off. A run in Pine Park is always great too. Then I’d go to foco with some friends and end the night in someone’s dorm watching a movie.


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