Trip Leader Profile: Jamie Mercado ’15

Note: This post is part of the “Trip Leader Profile” series, which will introduce some of the student volunteers for DOC Trips 2013.  To learn more about our great group of trip leaders, check out the introduction to the series here

10 Questions for Jamie Mercado ’15

Jamie is from Fairfield, CT.
Jamie is from Fairfield, CT.

What DOC Trip are you leading this fall?

The Hinman Nature Exploration Trip

What are you studying?


What DOC Trip did you go on?

F225, hiking Moose Mt and Holts Ledge and then rock climbing on Winslow

3 words that describe your first year at Dartmouth…

Love, failure, community

Why are you excited for DOC Trips 2013?

I’m excited for you. I’m excited to see you do the Salty Dog Rag, excited for you to begin to feel like you’re a part of the Dartmouth community, excited for you to experience the natural beauty that surrounds our campus, and excited for you to hopefully begin to see Dartmouth as a place you’re comfortable calling home.

The best or worst advice you received during your first year at Dartmouth…

The best and worst: Try new things. It’s the best because I really wouldn’t have found so many of the things I consider to be intrinsic to my time at Dartmouth (Lodge dinner, a cappella, the frisbee team, etc.) had I not branched out of my comfort zone. It’s the worst because it comes with a caveat that nobody tells you about, which is if something is making you unhappy or stressed out or it’s just not working for you, QUIT! Learning how to quit things is hard. I’m terrible at it. But I’ve learned that it’s just as important for my happiness as trying new things was in the first place.

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

Grilled chicken on wheat toast with honey mustard, lettuce, swiss cheese, and onion straws. Fun fact about the Hop: you can order tons of stuff that’s not on the menu. Explore!

What has been the highlight of your time at Dartmouth thus far?

This past fall, my birthday was on the last day of classes, and at 8 AM, my friends came running into my room and woke me up to take me out to breakfast at Lou’s! It was delicious, completely unexpected, and such a wonderful way to start my day.

What was the most important item you forgot to pack before coming to Dartmouth to move in?

A moleskine notebook! Freshman winter, I was required to buy one for a class, and it became my organizational lifeline. It’s now my go-to resource for class notes, to-do lists, pump-up letters, reminders of meetings and rehearsals and dinner dates and everything in between. Everyone has their own system of organizing their life, and I’m so thankful that a professor’s list of required books helped me figure out my own.

Your ideal Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth…

Sitting on the green playing guitar and singing/talking with people, jumping in the river, and then going up to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge for dinner. Or, if it’s winter, playing pickup hockey on Occom Pond and then hiking up Gile Mountain to see the sunset!


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