Blog Update: Introducing Blog Series

Introducing Blog Series

Hey y’all!

Starting today, we’ll be starting a couple blog series! These are going to be here to give you guys a bit more of an idea what you’re getting into. There are some posted from previous years, but we’ll be putting out new ones! I’ll be tagging all new content as “2018”, just to help you sort out newer posts! 

The first one we’ll be introducing will be Trip Leader Profiles. “The Trip Leader Profile” series is to give you guys more of an idea of the incredible upperclassmen that will be leading trips! This will happen three times a week. It will be tagged with “trip leader profile”.

The second one we’ll be introducing will be Voices of Trips. The “Voices of Trips” series will be accounts from people who have been involved with trips and some insight to their personal experience with Freshman Trips! This one will be tagged “trips reflection” and will happen twice a week. 

Keep an eye out for these blog series! We may be adding other blog series, so look for updates. Have a great summer, y’all!


Yobiel Kelati ’15



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