Trip Leader Profile: Gisele Phalo ’17

Note: This post is part of the “Trip Leader Profile” series, which will introduce some of the student volunteers for DOC Trips 2014. To learn more about our great group of trip leaders, check out the introduction to the blog’s series here.

10 Questions for Gisele Phalo ‘17

Gisele is from Houston, TX.

What DOC trip are you leading this fall?
Hiking 2

What DOC Trip did you go on?
Organic Farming

What are you studying?
Geography and Music

3 words that describe your first year at Dartmouth?
Rewarding, Fun, and Creative

Why are you excited for DOC First-Year Trips 2014?
I cannot wait to meet the first years and see how they will take in the new environment just like I did as a freshman!

What’s your favorite thing to eat on campus?
Pasta with Dave’s Spice Chicken at Collis

What has been the highlight of your time at Dartmouth thus far?
My highlight has been doing a Spring Break trip with the Dartmouth Outing Club. Every spring break the Deputy Director of Outdoor Programs, Brian Kunz, leads a for-credit PE course to Canada called Quebec Mountain Adventure where we go backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, and winter camping! It was so much fun because I got frost bite, I crashed into someone on my skis, I ripped my pants (and learned how to sew), and I got to use a machete to chop down spruce tree branches and use them for flooring when we went winter camping!

What was the most important item you forgot to pack before coming to Dartmouth to move in?
I forgot to pack my string cutter for my guitar! For the longest time I had long strings just sticking out of the head of my guitar, it was a sad mess and I promised my guitar I would never do that to her again so I bought one off of Amazon!

What’s your ideal Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth?
My idea Saturday afternoon at Dartmouth consists of doing a hike off campus, either with Cabin and Trail (a subgroup of the DOC) or by myself. I carry my uke around everywhere with me when I’m on a trail, that way I can play some nice victory music!

I also go to the HOP to work on whatever comes to mind at the woodwork shop, and then I like to get lost in the pianos in the practice rooms!

What piece of advice would you give to incoming freshman?
It’s OK to make mistakes. Be willing to make some. Everyone’s story is unique and each one of us has to make our own mistakes in order to learn from them!


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