Trip Previews: H-Croo

Upon arrival in Hanover—whether that is via bus, car, or Appalachian Trail—you may notice a group of fifteen students clad in colorful attire dancing around on the lawn of Robinson Hall. This, dear ‘18s, is Hanover Croo! Don’t be scared—we are only dancing because we cannot contain our excitement that you have finally arrived in Hanover. We have been anticipating your arrival for months of long days and sleepless nights and are honored that we will be some of the first people who get to meet you at Dartmouth!

Alex ’14 (right) and Peter ’16 (left)

Our names are Alex St. Romain ’14 and Peter Lobel ’16 and we are the Hanover Croo Captains. Along with the other thirteen incredible members of Hanover Croo, our goal is to make your first day and night of Trips run as smoothly as possible and energize you for your multi-day adventure of traipsing around the glorious White Mountains of New Hampshire.

When you arrive in Hanover, we will help you check in for your trip and acquire all of the equipment and gear that you will need. Shortly thereafter, you will meet your fabulous Trip Leaders, Trippees, and fellow classmates as you spend the majority of your afternoon getting to know each other, playing games and dancing. We will also guide you through the process of getting all of the food you will need for your Trip and will give you the option to take your swim test.

By this point, you will have worked up an appetite, so we will make sure to get you fed with a delicious barbeque before our Safety Dorks give you an extensive safety briefing so that you are completely prepared for anything that comes your way during Trips. This will take a few hours and the good portion of your night, so afterwards we will all head to Leverone Field House. You will spend your first night of Trips in Leverone where we hope you will sleep soundly so that you are well rested and ready for your Trip to begin!

Hanover Croo will wake you up bright and early and will provide you with a hearty breakfast before sending you on your way for what we hope will be an unforgettable few days! We will be sad to see you go, but do not fret—H-Croo will be waiting for you when you return from your Trip, excited to hear your stories from the trail and night at the Lodj. We will introduce you to Connections Croo, another dedicated support croo of upperclassmen students whose goal is to make your transition from Trips to Dartmouth as smooth as possible.

As we said before, we are both so excited to meet you and know the rest of H-Croo feels the same way. We are not only excited to spend time with you during trips, but look forward to extending our friendships beyond Trips and seeing you around campus for terms to come. We hope that Hanover Croo sets the tone for your four years at Dartmouth. Hanover and Dartmouth have become our home the past few years and we can’t wait to share our love for such a special place with you.



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