Directorate Update: 8/23/14

Sorry for missing some posts these past couple of days! I’ll try and update y’all the best I can about the state of Trips as it is.

We finally got all of our croo members on campus two days agofor the first time ever. We had a long day of some bonding activities, manual labor, and tiredness all in preparation for all of you wonderful trippees!!

For some bonding, we went out to the high ropes course…

And then spent most of the afternoon moving equipment and food…

The 3 million and one sleeping bags

And all of the food for all of you wonderful trippees!

And then ended up just exhausted and resting in…strange spots, to say the least.

Cuddle puddles are a crucial part of our sanity

The floor seems to be the prime spot for bonding

Though I think this definitely takes the cake

And then yesterday was spent doing a lot more logistical work, answering phone calls and generally prepping to see all of you! Nothing worth seeing.

Today will (actually) be a busy day on the blog and I’m going to introduce you guys to all of directorate! 😀 It’ll have some basic info about them and it’ll give you an idea of who we are so we’re not complete strangers when you come to campus. We are so excited to see you guys TOMORROW



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