Volunteer Profile: Abigail Agwunobi ’18

Abby Agwunobi '18 is from Arkansas.
Abby Agwunobi ’18 is from Arkansas.

What is your role for Trips 2015?


What do you like to study?

Economics/Environmental Studies

If you went on a DOC Trip, which trip did you go on?

Hiking 3

What are 3 words that describe your first year at Dartmouth?

Fast-paced, awkward, amazing

What are you looking forward to for Trips 2015?

Meeting the class of 2019!

What were you most nervous or scared about before your own first-year trip (or if you didn’t go on a trip, before the start of your time at Dartmouth)?

I was extremely worried about not making friends and being thrown into the school year alone.

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

Novack Muffins

Tell us about a highlight of your time at Dartmouth so far.

Homecoming weekend was extremely special for me, because it was the first time I had been exposed to a majority of the Dartmouth community all in one place. As I ran with a few of my close friends around the fire, with hundreds of unfamiliar faces shouting around us, I wasn’t scared as I expected to feel but so excited for all of the possibilities that awaited me. That was probably the first night it really hit me that I was at and a part of Dartmouth.

What’s the most important item you forgot to pack when you came to move in?

A fan, dear god the room was so hot.

If you could go back to the beginning of your first year here and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

RELAX. No one is as put together, or has any many real friends as you think. Everyone is feeling just as uncomfortable as you, even if they don’t show it so cut yourself some slack and embrace the awkward.


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