Nervous? We were (part) 2!

Last week, several members of the 2015 Trips Directorate shared their answers to the question “What were you most nervous about before the start of your own First-Year Trip?” You can read their responses here. This week, we’re sharing responses from even more directorate members, because let’s be real, everyone had something (however big or small) that they were worried about before Trips started.


“I remember being really nervous that all my trippees would be so much cooler than me and no one would think I was interesting.” -Leda Espinoza ’16, Croo Captain

“I was nervous that I wouldn’t become friends with my other trippees or have a solid friend group coming into Dartmouth. It’s definitely a big transition but everyone from the croolings, to my trip leaders, and other first years were all amazing and incredibly supportive of each other.” -Ian Speers ’17, Safety Master


Despite living in this area my whole life, I had never been backpacking before. I was really nervous my pack would be too heavy for me and I would slow down the entire group. “ -Peety Kaur ’15, Trips Director

“I was most nervous about finding a group of friends and a support network at Dartmouth, especially not having known anyone at Dartmouth coming in.” -Dan Pham ’16, Croo Captain

“Even though I had gotten in to Dartmouth, I still kind of felt like I wasn’t good enough to be going, like I didn’t really deserve to be here, like I wouldn’t quite belong. I was really nervous I would get to Trips and feel like everyone else was smarter and more in shape and more qualified to be there. But once I did get to Trips I met a lot of people who made sure I knew that I did in fact deserve to be at Dartmouth, that I didn’t have to be more of anything or better at anything in order to belong here.” -Jamie Mercado ’15, Outreach Coordinator


I thought I had it all together. I had gone to boarding school for two years and spent a decent amount of time solo traveling, I felt confident in my ability to take care of myself, both inside and outside of a wilderness context. I guess I was mainly worried about winter? And boys. I’m always worried about boys.” -Katie Yu ’16, Trip Leader Trainer

I had a lot of nerves and a lot of mixed emotions coming straight into Trips out of some difficult family events. Transitioning to an unknown new lifestyle was a major source of anxiety for me, so I was nervous about how the people on my Trip would respond if I started to have an anxiety attack during my Trip, and whether they would be able to support me. I actually found, though, that Trips served to relieve me completely of my anxiety. It was such a welcome and needed break from the whirlwind of starting college, a time when I could breathe and enjoy where I was and who I was with without having to think about everything that was stressing me out. I felt much more calm and confident about starting my Dartmouth life after my Trips experience.” -Josh Cetron ’16, Croo Captain


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