Can you B-lieve it?!

SECTION B GETS HERE TODAY! And I’m just as excited as I was for Section A! 

Trippees, some things for you to look forward to:

1) Leaders! Your leaders love you so much, I think they might have written a song about it…

2) Safety! Safety is so important. That’s why our safety master Ian sent me this picture of a bunch of pills. Gotta keep all our trippees and volunteers safe on their trips!


3) Not having your phone! Because if you don’t have your phone, you can’t leave it behind on an island, and you also can’t be sad about leaving your phone on an island, like our trip leader trainer Tim was last night: 

4) Did I mention trip leaders? Because they are seriously excited to meet you. So excited they’re dancing. Because they can’t wait to meet you. 


See you soon, Section B!


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