Voices of Trips: Assistant Director Anna Gabianelli ’16

Since all the way back in 2012, Trips has been far and away my favorite time of year at Dartmouth. It may partly be the late summer sunshine and the anticipation of a new year (without any actual homework yet), but there is a unique excitement that can come only from a new class’s arrival. On my Trip, I remember feeling a lot of things (mostly confused), but what stuck out was how excited people were about my class being there.

Anna shopping for eggs!
Sometimes it took the form of super enthusiastic dance moves, and sometimes it was just a kind word on a hike or a genuine conversation, but either way, it was that thoughtfulness that made me sure I had made the right choice in coming to Dartmouth. I also remember a speaker saying something to the effect of YOUR Dartmouth experience being better than any “typical” Dartmouth experience (which doesn’t even really exist).
So, I hope that Trips 2016 pays that forward and encourages you to take Dartmouth by storm in whatever way you will – maybe you’ll love Trips and go hiking every weekend freshman fall, or maybe you’ll hate Trips and find something totally different to do. Either way, that dynamic community, full of people with different Dartmouth experiences, is what makes this place special. The introduction of a new class means that we are about to have over 1000 new, unique additions to that community to give it even more character. We can’t wait to meet you!

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