Introducing Trips Directorate

Introducing the team that coordinates all of Trips! This crew has been working for months planning and preparing to welcome first year students and we are so pumped to meet you all. Make sure to say hi when you see us around!


Doug Phipps ’17

Favorite class I took at Dartmouth: A spinning PE course. I loved it so much I took it a second time. Something about being stationary just really psyches me up.

A quote you find inspiring: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I went to one of those events where everyone paints the same picture, but I broke the rules and added this to mine because who wouldn’t want to wake up to this reminder each day.

What are you most looking forward to about trips?
I am looking forward to so so many things I have to make a list…

1. Watching our volunteers get to know First-Years and help them welcome at Dartmouth.

2. Bringing Trips to the Skiway!! We will be using the Skiway as the end point of Trips this year, which allows us a lot more time for awesome programming and a new perspective with which to view the whole Trips program.

3. Feeling renewed at Dartmouth for the last time. I’ve had the privilege of participating in Trips each year since 2013, and each time, I’ve come in a bit jaded and tired of Dartmouth and left recalling what I would argue are the most important and beautiful parts of Dartmouth: the people. I’ve found Trips to be an opportunity to reflect on where I am and how I have grown since matriculating. As I participate in the program for the last time, I get to look back and see how much I’ve grown and watch others go through similar processes. I think that’s special.

20728390_1559998387384752_6975497152415145955_nApoorva Dixit ’17
Associate Director

Favorite food on campus: Collis pasta. But without sauce or veggies. Just plain noodles and a little olive oil.

A quote you find inspiring: I’m not really into pinterest, but Doug told me a good one the other day. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I’d heard it before somewhere, but it’s still a good reminder.

Best study spot on campus: during the day, stacks 5th floor! Love the sun and quiet. At night, Orozco mural room.

What you love most about trips/are most excited for: I love that trips removes labels. It is one of the few times at Dartmouth when you meet a person and only that person — not their club, their team, or any other affiliation or assumption that comes with that affiliation.

12063326_1196094250405670_7840108925829850496_n-e1502335847645.jpgLeah Alpern ’18
Croo Captain

Movie I could watch 1000x: Zoolander

Favorite Trips memory: Meeting a great great pal during the student lodge talk. A girl on the other side of the room was also snapping while we listened to him talk about his gap year. We locked eyes, chatted, realized we’d both taken gap years and were in similar mental spaces, and the rest is history.

img_9254.pngClaire Apuan ’18
Croo Captain

Secret talent: I can one-hand clap with both hands.

Favorite Dartmouth tradition: Streaking finals.

What are you looking forward to about Trips:
Welcoming trippees to the beautiful New Hampshire area and eating tons of Annie’s Mac 🙂

trips-image-michael-baicker.jpgMichael Baicker ’17
Croo Captain

What do you like to study?
Hydrology and water resource engineering, public policy, rivers, streams, fish, birds, and everything in between. Also fancy cooking techniques and up and coming Bib Gourmand restaurants.

A highlight from your time at Dartmouth?
On a whim freshman year, I signed up to go on a Spring Break Trip with Ledyard Canoe Club to the Everglades. I spent 7 days canoeing from island to island with people who I didn’t really know, but grew to be super close to. It’s an experience I’ll never forget, and really led me to become involved in Ledyard and the DOC for the rest of my time at Dartmouth.

A note for the trippees:
Trips is an incredible experience for many people. I hope it is for all of you. But even if the outdoors and meeting new people isn’t necessarily your thing, take the time to step back, relax, and think about YOU for a moment. This is your first introduction to college, to new people, to a whole new environment. This is the first YOU that everyone else will get to know. You have a blank canvas in front of you, and you get to decide what it is that goes on it. You decide what other people see. You’re in complete control.

14202589_1467274646619743_1132674988189751960_n.jpgMilan Chuttani ’18
Croo Captain

Hidden talent:
I can type with my nose. It’s slower going but I’m pretty accurate and can nail a solid 12 WPM.

Favorite food to cook:
I’m pretty into potatoes. They’re simple. Boil and serve. Add a little butter. Maybe some salt. Done.

16406605_10154854198028449_1831430147530252331_nIvan Cornish-Morales ’19
Outdoor Logistics Coordinator

Talk to first year Ivan:
“Be open to trying new things. Be open to growth. It’ll get easier. Be true to who you are.”

Something important you forgot to pack when you moved in: A fan! Dorms are really warm early fall term.

What are you excited for on Trips?
I am looking forward to meeting the incoming class! I want to be as accessible as possible and be there to answer any questions or concerns that may come up.

Trip Leader Trainer (TLT)

A highlight of your time at Dartmouth?
Winning nationals with the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team!!!

What were you nervous about before your Trip?
I was most nervous that I would be the odd-one-out on my trip. I actually was so nervous that I cried in the bathroom of Leverone field house the first night. But it turns out my trip leaders were amazing and did a great job of making me feel included and loved!

Something you forgot to pack when moving in:
I forgot to pack shower shoes, so I just said screw it and showered without them. I have continued to shower without them. Luckily, I have never gotten athlete’s foot.

What are you looking forward to for Trips?
I’m so excited to watch the trip leaders meet each and everyone one of their trippees! What a magical moment!

image1-3Dru Falco ’18
Outdoor Logistics Coordinator

Favorite spot to study on campus:
Novack. I’m an early riser and the wall to wall windows really give it a bright atmosphere.

What are you looking forward to on trips?
I’m looking forward to transforming into a kangaroo for three weeks.

12109984_10208289819469975_1575179911584830057_oJesse Feldman-Stein ’18
Croo Captain

Best meal on campus: Ramen at Foco

Your 10A is cancelled, what do you do? I go kayaking. But maybe even if the 10A doesn’t get cancelled I go kayaking.

What I’m most excited about trips is:
Experiencing the people that will make up Dartmouth.

img_4919-vox-croo-14-0.jpgFrancesca Governali ’18
Croo Captain

What’s your favorite food on campus?
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from foco.

What did you forget to pack when you moved in?
Seems utilitarian, but things like scissors and a screw driver. It’s always helpful to have these.

Talk to first year Francesca: “Take a deep breath and know that it’s challenging for everyone in one way or another, so you’re not alone if you’re having a tough time.”

12265730_10153347896307149_6406831755103623851_o.jpgKristina Heggedal ’17
Outreach Coordinator

Movie I could watch 1000x: The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep. Anne Hathaway. Stanley Tucci. Emily Blunt. And that scene where Anne walks away from everything while U2 plays in the background.

Your 10A is cancelled, what do you do? Go to Crossroads Cafe in White River Junction and eat eggs and toast and then walk up to Boston Lot Lake and swim. Or roll over and sleep an extra hour. Probably the second one more often.

16252069_1229569100463541_1307336076834018475_oChris Huberty ‘18
Croo Captain

Favorite food on campus: KAF cinnamon rolls

What were you nervous about coming to campus?
I’m from Minnesota, and I came to Dartmouth knowing no one. I can be pretty awkward and introverted in situations where I don’t know anyone, so I was definitely nervous to get thrown into a new situation with a new group of people.

What’s the most important thing you forgot to pack when you came to move in?
My freshman floor knows that I pretty much brought all my belongings to Dartmouth, so I had the opposite problem of having too many things! Still don’t have a good answer for why I needed two gaming systems…

pic for google form!!!Terence Hughes ’17
Croo Captain

Favorite food on campus: Pierogies at foco
Your 10A is cancelled, what do you do? 
Go scamper up a mountain somewhere close to campus.
My dream superpower: 
Teleportation. So I could travel wherever I wanted. Whenever I wanted. For free.

20229873_10155603271464312_2503568810788724215_o.jpgNitasha Kochar ’19
Outreach Coordinator

Favorite Dartmouth memory: Walking around the ice sculptures during winter carnival last year and feeling as though I was a true Hogwarts student.

My KAF order: Iced coffee with chocolate milk and a turkey and cheddar sandwich 🙂

Best class you’ve taken: Probably CS52: Web Development or WGSS: Telling Stories for Social Change. They’re both extremely different classes, but they appealed to my interests nonetheless. In CS52 I learned how to make functioning web applications and got to experience the result of my efforts instantly. In TSSC, that was not the case. Each week my classmates and I visited the women’s ward at the Valley Vista rehab facility and learned alongside the women there. It was always an emotionally taxing experience—having to come to terms with reality, inequity, and injustice—but also entirely necessary. I am thankful for my experience there and encourage anyone who’s interested in the class to take it. There’s nothing more rewarding than experiential learning.

18882063_1746621758686430_546165406074440553_n.jpgDavid Mannes ’17
Trip Leader Trainer (TLT)

KAF order: Triple shot iced hazelnut vanilla latte with skim milk and cinnamon. Actually.

Best piece of flair I own: A shirt I got on my LSA in Italy that has Pope Francis giving a thumbs up. I probably wore it every other weekend as a student.

Favorite Dartmouth memory: Finishing the 50 and having all my friends there at the end to support me, feed me, and to do the 50 with three people I became close with on trips, my most important involvement at Dartmouth.

img_3054.jpgSarah Petroni ’18
Croo Captain

Food could you win an eating contest for: French fries

Secret talent: Cleaning and organizing at lightning speeds when I’m procrastinating

What are you looking forward to about Trips?Connecting with new people at Dartmouth, especially underclassmen! Trips always reminds me what an exceptional place Dartmouth is and how lucky I am to be here, which is something I need to keep in mind as I head into senior year.

16107135_10209888089792095_7724831700550052646_o.jpgLucía Pierson ’18
Trip Leader Trainer (TLT)

Movie I could watch 1000x: Groundhog Day; it would be like watching it even more times.

Secret talent: I don’t have a sense of smell— trust me, it comes in handy.

Favorite food on campus: Collis smoothies. I just bought myself a NutriBullet because I’m so sad that the smoothie stand is closed right now due to the “metal blender shard found in a student’s smoothie” scandal.

Favorite trips memory/something you love about trips: The memory that comes to mind is the first night that my own trip slept outside. Coming from a big city, I had never seen so many stars— they were so beautiful and I just remember feeling completely awestruck and so, so lucky.

13827362_640342939454345_1189334048_nMadison Sabol ’18
Sustainability Coordinator

What’s your favorite food? Grapes. Because they make wine. I love wine. I’m doing a whole research project on vineyards. Ask me about it!

Movie you could watch 1000x: Inconvenient Truth 2. I’ve already seen it 1000x and it only came out last week. Important media.

What are you looking forward to during Trips? Introducing Trippees to sustainability at Dartmouth – it’s a little different but a lot of fun! Remember to compost.

img_0901.jpgSarah Salzman ’18
Croo Captain

Favorite class at Dartmouth: ANTH16: Anthropology of Health and Illness

Favorite study spot: Stacks 6 baby!!!!

What are you looking forward to about trips? Getting to know 21s and serving everyone dinner!

13661890_10154294734534854_9010680648168391263_oNakia Wighton ’18
Risk Management Coordinator

Secret talent: Umm… All of my joints are hyper flexible so I bend in all sorts of fun ways. The one I usually pull out to demonstrate is that I can open the palm of my hand and pull my thumb all the way back to touch my wrist. People don’t love it when I demonstrate.
Favorite Class at Dartmouth: Complexities of the Latino Identity with Christina Gomez
What I’m most excited for trips: Getting to meet all of the ’21s and be there to make their experience the best it can be, no matter what happens. I’m also secretly very excited to wear flair and dance once in awhile.

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