Volunteer Profile: Kevin Yang ’20

Profile - Kevin YangWhat is your role for trips 2017?

Trip leader!

What do you like to study?

Engineering, Environmental Science, Biology

If you went on a DOC Trip, which did you go on?

Whitewater Kayaking

What are three words that describe your first year at Dartmouth?

Challenging, Rewarding, Limitless

What were you most nervous or scared about before your own first-year trip?

I was worried about fitting in/making friends since I knew basically no one going into college. Thankfully my trip group fit so well together that they became my first friends and I’m even rooming with one of them this upcoming term!

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

Collis Omelets

Tell us about a highlight of your time at Dartmouth thus far.

Going to Acadia National Park in Maine with the DOC. Hiking and canoeing during the fall while the colors were gorgeous.

What’s the most important item you forgot to pack when you came to move in?

Blankets and Pillows – I slept in a sleeping bag for all of my first term and got so used to it that I just stayed with that for the entire year.

If you could go back to the beginning of your first year here and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

Relax. Explore a little your first term but this isn’t high school – doing multiple clubs and activities just means that you’re spreading yourself thin and taking the advanced classes isn’t always necessary.

If you see someone from trips you recognize but are afraid to approach, go for it! Chances are they’re thinking the same thing.


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