The DOC First-Year Trips program has been around for a long time – 80 years, to be exact! And over those 80 years, students have made a number of videos telling the story of DOC First-Year Trips.

DOC First-Year Trips is about making incoming students feel welcome and included in the Dartmouth community.

Welcome to DOC First-Year Trips

 History of DOC First-Year Trips

Why Choose Dartmouth: DOC First-Year Trips

DOC Trips 2014!

The International Student Experience: Tosin ’11

City Life to Hanover: Katie ’11

DOC Trips & Varsity Athletes: Gerben ’14

Fearing the Outdoors: Natasha ’11

Are Trips For Me?: Maddie ’13

Class of 2015 Returns from DOC First-Year Trips

Who Are Your Trip Leaders?

Perspectives from Hanover Croo 2010